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Butcher’s Happy Hour

Join us every Wednesday in San Francisco or the first Thursday of every month in Napa for Butcher’s Happy Hour. Experience a first hand butchery demonstration while eating fantastic snacks and sipping a glass of wine or a local brew. Butcher’s Happy Hour is a free event and goes from 5:30pm to 7pm.

Now Taking Special Orders For The Holidays!

From customized gift baskets and charcuterie plates to elegant rib roasts and foie gras terrines, The Fatted Calf has everything you need to make your holiday table perfect.

Holiday Offerings

Dry-Aged Five Dot Beef Standing Rib Roast 29.50/lb

Wagyu Beef Standing Rib Roast 35.00/lb

Grass-Fed Beef Standing Rib Roast 31.50/lb

Rack of Local Lamb whole 28.50/lb frenched 31.50/lb

Broken Arrow Ranch Quail 11.50 each
stuffed with boudin blanc & braised chestnuts

Stuffed Liberty Duck 17.50/lb
boneless organic duck roast stuffed with farro, figs, hazelnuts & pork sausage

Heritage Pork Rib Roast 13.50/lb
stuffed with wild mushroom duxelles

Crown Roast of Pork 13.50/lb
20 rib roast *stuffings available by request

Bourbon & Honey Glazed Ham 12.00/lb
cooked Heritage hams (4-6 lbs each) ready to heat and serve

Porchetta Roulade 14.50/lb

Porchetta Style Pork Shoulder 8.50/lb

Foie Gras Terrines 30.00 ea

Boudin Blanc with Braised Chestnuts 14.00/lb

Sage & Onion Sausage For Stuffing 12.00/lb

Fresh Black Truffles A.Q.


All classes are from 11 am until 3pm at our shop in Napa. The cost of the class includes a morning snack, lunch and a bag of meaty goodies you helped to prepare. The class size is small (10 person maximum) and as hands on as you make it. All classes are $225 per person, which includes lunch and an array of treats to take home. To reserve, e-mail us at with your full name and telephone number.

Patés & Terrines

Saturday, December 16 2017 REGISTRATION FULL
Saturday, February 3 2017 NOW ENROLLING
From rustic country style terrines to a sophisticated liver mousse, learn to prepare pâtés for all occasions


Saturday, January 6 2018 REGISTRATION FULL
Saturday, March 3 2017 NOW ENROLLING
Saturday, May 12 2018 NOW ENROLLING
If you dream of a secret underground lair strung with lengths of drying salami join us for Salumi! Learn the basics of curing and make cacciatorini, salami cotto and guanciale.


Saturday, January 13 2018 REGISTRATION FULL
January is the peak of black truffle season. Spend a decadent day immersed in the fragrance of black truffle. Learn to prepare black truffle sausage, crema di lardo with truffle, and other truffled treats.

Whole Hog Butchery

Saturday, January 27 2018 REGISTRATION FULL
Saturday, February 17 2018 NOW ENROLLING
Saturday, March 17 2018 NOW ENROLLING
Saturday, May 5 2018 NOW ENROLLING
Learn to break down a whole hog into its various useful parts, prepare roasts, chops and brochettes.

All About Duck

Saturday, February 10 2018 NOW ENROLLING
Flap your wings and say yeah! All about duck covers the basics of duck butchering and charcuterie. You’ll learn how to bone and stuff a duck, make duck confit and prepare other delectable duck dishes.

Sausage 101

Saturday, February 24 2018 ONE SPOT REMAINING
Saturday, April 14 2018 NOW ENROLLING
Linked, coiled, emulsified and smoked. If you are a sausage enthusiast yearning to expand your knowledge Sausage 101 will cover a variety of grinding, casing and cooking methods to make you sausage savvy.

Lamb Butchery

Saturday, April 7 2018 NOW ENROLLING
In this hands on class you'll learn to break down a whole local lamb into primal parts, prepare roasts, cut chops and make other delicious lamb preparations.

Pig + Woman + Knife

Saturday, April 21 2018 NOW ENROLLING
Hey ladies! Grab your cleaver and boning knife and join your sisters in a hog butchering class taught by women for women. Learn to break down a whole hog into its primal parts, prepare roasts and other porcine delights.